10Hz GPS Expander Module

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New GPS Expander Module based on the latest GPS technology. Built-in LED which indicates 3D fix. Our software lets you view your recorded GPS data in Google EarthTM and Google Earth TrackTM! Fast 10Hz update rate. Built-in battery backup for quick fixes. Integrated toroid and onboard filtering greatly reduces the affect of RFI from your FPV video transmitter. Plugs into the eLogger V4 or V3 to provide live and/or recorded lat/lon, ground speed, GPS altitude, distance to pilot, course, UTC timestamp, and more. Integrated display/3D graphing software included in data system. WAAS and EGNOS compatible, built-in patch antenna. NOTE: if you plan to use the GPS with your eLogger with 8S (approximately 30V) packs or higher, the Battery Backup Harness (CAB-BAT-BACK) below is required.

*Compatible with both eLogger and Data Recorder.

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