Seagull Wireless Glide Dashboard Variometer System

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We are pleased to offer our Seagull Glide system, a revolutionary Variometer and Soaring Tool for model sailplanes.

With the Glide system, data previously available only on full sized gliders is provided to the pilot in real-time. Unlike other limited feature variometers on the market, the Glide system has a fully digital wireless link, data logging, tremendous expandability, and many other advanced features.

Unit comes pre-configured. No computer required!

New: Do you fly your sailplane FPV? Consider the Glide Data Recorder + OSD Pro, for the ultimate in variometer features and performance!


Glide Dashboard mounts on Radio or in your Pocket

All hardware and software is included for these features:

  • Varying tone variometer with advanced electronic Total Energy Compensation – no cumbersome TE probe to install
  • Minimum sinkrate, climbrate, averaging period, and other flight monitoring parameters are fully adjustable while your plane is in the air
  • Full support for English and Metric units
  • Airspeed measurement from 2 to 290 MPH
  • Altitude measurement with 1’ resolution
  • Receiver battery voltage monitoring included

The Seagull Glide system has 3 main components:

  • Glide Dashboard Receiver - this unit displays telemetry data, and provides varying tone variometer and programmable alarms (built-in speaker and headphone jack).
  • Onboard Glide Data Recorder - this unit collects and logs data from built-in and external sensors.
  • Onboard Telemetry Transmitter - this unit sends the data from the Recorder to the Dashboard

Small, lightweight Glide Data Recorder

Do you need even more data? Our Glide system is fully expandable, with a whole host of additional sensors, available below. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with additional sensors:

  • Monitor your motor-glider's electric power system with our Electric Expanders. These units measure power consumption with a small ring that is placed over one of your battery wires. No need to add an inline sensor!
  • Locate your lost plane with our GPS Expander. And, display your flight path on Google Earth, either live at the field or downloaded later, with the GPS Expander.
  • Monitor your Spektrum or JR Receiver's RF performance in real time, with our Spektrum FlightLog cable.

Machined aluminum/brass Prandtl Pitot Tube

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