Seagull Pro Wireless Dashboard System

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Here are some key features of the Seagull Pro Wireless Dashboard System:

  • System includes everything you need to monitor airspeed, altitude, RPM, one temperature, 4 servo channel movements and glitches, receiver voltage
  • All data is logged to permanent memory, which retains the data even when the power is removed
  • Includes Recorder with features described below– see additional specs there
  • Full varying tone variometer with Total Energy compensation
  • Operates at 900MHz spread spectrum (FCC certified version)
  • FCC version has 200 mWatt output power for 1+ miles of range (more with our Yagi antenna on the receiver).
  • Optional higher power radios available.
  • Onboard components weigh only an ounce or two TOTAL (depending on model and accessories). Competitors' systems weigh much more.
  • Small self-contained LCD Telemetry receiver attaches simply to your radio, or is monitored by your assistant.
  • Dashboard is a USB peripheral: plug the receiver into your laptop to get full screen live display, live graphing, and unlimited recording on your laptop.
  • On-board components are powered from your receiver battery – competitors' systems require heavy, cumbersome batteries to worry about.
  • 65536 unique transmission IDs (programmable) means collision problems are extremely unlikely at your site.
  • Fully programmable audible alerts can be set on data parameters.
  • Ultra-light stainless whip antennas.
  • Full support for English and Metric units

Here are some key features of the included USB Flight Data Recorder Pro

  • System includes everything to record airspeed, altitude, RPM, temperature, 4 servo channel movements and glitches, receiver voltage
  • With available accessories, monitor amps, pack volts, g-force, EGT, and more.
  • Full support for English and Metric units
  • Airspeed measurement from approximately 4 to 290 MPH, with separate pitot and static input ports (high resolution)
  • Altitude to 25K+ feet, with 1 foot resolution
  • Onboard memory increased to 4X our Flight recorder, with lossless data compression, for hours of record time.
  • Memory upgrade option available!
  • USB Live Mode for real time bench monitoring
  • USB Plug and Play - No new drivers needed
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista, 98SE, ME, Win2K and XP™
  • Lightweight - approx 1.5 ounces with unit and cables
  • Simple and quick installation and removal
  • Retains flight data without battery
  • Windows flight playback and graphing in real time
  • Excel™ compatible data output
  • Ultra-low power consumption - around 35 mA
  • Built-in status LED indicates battery level on power-up
  • Adjustable logging rate, up to 40 Hz.
  • Powerful built-in graphing
  • Expansion port for future enhancements

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