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Find out what's going on while you fly! You’ve got a lot invested in your RC Plane, Heli or High Powered rocket. Whether you fly nitro, electric, or gas, you can stop guessing about your model's performance and condition, and find out what’s happening up there when it happens! Simple to set up and operate, but incredibly powerful, our Telemetry Systems install easily to provide the information you need.

Why should I choose Eagle Tree Telemetry?

Some RC radio manufacturers are adding telemetry options to their radio systems. Also, there are some very basic "toy" telemetry products out there now. However, the simple telemetry features and sensors they provide may not fully meet your needs.

Also, investing in telemetry add-ons that are tied to a particular radio brand/model means that the investment is only good as long as you use that particular radio. Eagle Tree telemetry is portable across any radio brand/model.

Finally, while the radio manufacturers and others may lose interest in their telemetry offerings if they don't sell well, you can rest assured that Eagle Tree will continue to enhance and expand our telemetry with additional features and sensors. Data is all we do!

What are the main parts of the Seagull Telemetry System?

The Seagull Telemetry system has 3 main components:

  • Seagull Dashboard Telemetry Receiver - this unit displays telemetry data, and sounds alarms when problems occur.
  • Onboard Flight Data Recorder - this unit collects the data from built-in and external sensors.
  • Onboard Telemetry Transmitter - this unit sends the data from the Recorder to the Dashboard

What can I do with the data?

The Seagull system lets your monitor your model in 3 different ways:

  • The Dashboard displays the parameters you select, on multiple LCD pages, and also lets you program alarm levels for sounding alerts, i.e., low battery voltage.
  • The Dashboard also can connect (via built-in USB) to your laptop at the field, to display and record data with our PC Virtual Dashboard software.
  • The onboard Data Recorder logs your sessions to permanent memory, so you can download the data to your PC via USB when you get home.

All hardware and software is included to monitor airspeed (with included pitot tube), altitude, RPM, temperature, 4 servo stick movements and glitches, and receiver battery voltage.

I need even more data!

Our Seagull Telemetry system is fully expandable, with a whole host of additional sensors, available below. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with additional sensors:

  • Monitor your electric power system with our Electric Expanders. These units measure power consumption with a small ring that is placed over one of your battery wires. No need to add an inline sensor!
  • Locate your lost plane with our GPS Expander. And, display your flight path on Google Earth, either live at the field or downloaded later, with the GPS Expander.
  • Monitor your Spektrum or JR Receiver's RF performance in real time, with our Spektrum FlightLog cable.Monitor wing loading with our Dual Axis G-Force ExpanderMeasure your Gas/Nitro motor's exhaust with our EGT Expander. 

Small, lightweight Flight Data Recorder

Do you only need Data Recording right now, and not Wireless Telemetry? You can order the Flight Data Recorder separately!

Machined aluminum/brass Prandtl Pitot Tube

Here are some key features of the Seagull Wireless Dashboard System:

  • Includes Recorder with features described below
  • Fully compatible with all known flight RC radios – no need to replace your existing electronics.
  • Onboard components weigh only an ounce or two (depending on model and accessories), TOTAL. Other systems weigh much more.
  • Small self-contained LCD Telemetry receiver attaches simply to your radio, or is monitored by your pit crew. No laptop needed at field!
  • On-board components are powered from your receiver battery – other systems require heavy, cumbersome batteries to worry about.
  • 65536 unique transmission IDs (programmable) means collision problems are extremely unlikely at your site.
  • Fully programmable audible alerts can be set on data parameters.
  • Dashboard is a USB peripheral: plug the receiver into your laptop while to get full screen live display and unlimited recording on your laptop!
  • Ultra-light stainless whip antennas.
  • Full support for English and Metric units

Here are some key features of the included USB Flight Data Recorder

  • Standard system includes everything to record airspeed, altitude, RPM, temperature, 4 servo channel movements and glitches, receiver voltage
  • Includes machined Aluminum/Brass Prandtl Pitot Tube with 3' of small diameter silicon tubing
  • All data is logged to permanent memory, which retains the data even when the power is removed
  • With available accessories, monitor amps, pack volts, g-force, EGT, and more!
  • Full support for English and Metric units
  • Airspeed from ~9MPH to 290MPH
  • USB Live Mode for real time bench monitoring
  • Altitude to 25,000+ feet
  • USB Plug and Play - No new drivers needed!
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista, 98SE, ME, Win2K and XP™
  • Lightweight - approx 1.5 ounces with unit and cables
  • Simple and quick installation and removal
  • Retains flight data without battery
  • Graphical flight playback in real time
  • Excel™ compatible data output
  • Ultra-low power consumption - around 35 mA
  • Built-in status LED indicates battery level on power-up
  • Adjustable capture rate
  • Powerful built-in graphing
  • Expansion port for future enhancements
  • Now has 4X the onboard memory of the original recorders, with lossless data compression, for much longer storage time.
  • Improvements in airspeed, altitude monitoring mean greater accuracy, and no interference from your model’s transmitter
  • Increased voltage and current accuracy

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