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The InfoPanel LCD display makes it easy to check the status of your Vector or MicroVector equipped model and configure settings at the field, without needing to use laptop or video goggles.

InfoPanel in hand

  • Backlit LCD display is easy to read in bright sunlight or darkness
  • Hot pluggable/unpluggable for ground only use.  Rugged and light enough to be permanently mounted to your model.
  • Shows pack voltage, remaining mAH, number of satellites in view, and compass readout (for testing the compass)

InfoPanel Telemetry

  • Shows Vector notifications and error messages 

InfoPanel S-BUS Receiver Inputs

  • Lets you fully configure the Vector and change settings at the field with your radio sticks, without needing goggles or a laptop

InfoPanel mAH settingInfoPanel mAH parameters

  • Conmes with 6"/15cm connection cable

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