Derek, Bangkok, Thailand
  • "I recently installed a Guardian into my Hangar 9 30cc Spitfire to help with yaw management. I'm very happy to report that I find your product performs excellently. I am now able to land in a full crosswind & the aircraft simply tracks wherever I require. I would never have thought that with the elliptical wing on the Spitfire a crosswind landing was possible without an inevitable wing tip scrape; however your Guardian can make a smooth landing possible in these challenging conditions making the pleasure of flying more accessible & not dependent on the wind conditions. Thank you very much for a great product. "

Mick, Newcastle Australia
  • "Thanks Eagle Tree Systems for the great gear. Your customer service is brilliant, and your products are even better. The technology in the Vector is impressive, and it's rock solid. Keep up the good work! "

Lucas Thomas, Houston Texas
  • "I have owned other osds and the vector by eagletree is the best and easiest out on the mark today ( oct 2014 ). Rth works out of the bix and getting it all set up is fast, easy , and convenient. This product is also made in the USA so we know its quality..."

Adam, United Kingdom
  • "I now have 3 vectors, spread across 2 fixed wings and a quadcopter. Simply the best flight controller on the market, there isn't a single competing product on market for the OSD, truly industry leading. Great job, keep the firmware updates coming!"

Jeremy, South Carolina
  • "I have now bought two of the Vector Units because I basically fell in love with the first one! I know it say's in the description; "We haven't tried this on larger aircraft" but I actually successfully use it constantly on my Giant Scale Top Flite P-51D Mustang! I haven't tuned it to where it will land itself yet but if I get into trouble or my gas engine craps out, I flip a switch and glide her in, I don't know how they did it but these guys certainly have the Flight Controller's down to a science! I use the other one on a almost 600 sized (558mm) Quadcopter, same story with it. The only difference is the Quad is running the V2 GPS/Mag and the Plank is running the V1, and the plank also has the airspeed and InfoPanel Display. But I am about to purchase the V2 for it and the InfoPanel for the Quad. Don't waste your time (and of course, money!) buying all those other FPV systems like I did, stick with the guys who have done it for years! That Giant Scale P-51D has approximately $2500 work of electronics; from the Hitec Telemetry, all 10 of the HiTec Digital Servos, Engine electronics, electric Robart Retracts, the small pneumatic system I have for landing gear doors and probably several more things I can't think of right now! Out of all this work, money and time that I spent building, installing, fiberglassing/painting and etc. I wanted a proven system, the Vector has saved me from destruction too many times to count and I will not fly without it! But don't just take my word for it, try it for yourself and you'll be just as amazed as I was! Just wanted to say thanks to all of the Vector guys, this system is phenomenal, Jeremy, Aiken, South Carolina "