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 Eagle Tree and Model Rocketry


Have a high powered model rocket? Eagle Tree Systems makes it easy to visualize your launch in real time, record your rocket’s trajectory and many other parameters, and locate your rocket after the flight.

Our new High Powered Rocket Telemetry/Logging System is ideal for high powered model rocketry, as it is light weight (around 25 grams, depending on the options installed), has integrated spread spectrum telemetry, and has a variety of optional sensors and features available, including G-Force, Temperature, Servo Monitoring, etc.


Here’s more info on our standard, FCC approved Rocketry package. Email us if you need a higher power and/or EU/CE Approved data link!


Seagull HP High Powered Rocketry Package ($459.99) –This package provides you live wireless telemetry and onboard logging of GPS Position, pitot/static airspeed, altitude (both barometric and GPS), GPS course, battery voltage, and UTC Time. It includes our Wireless Dashboard LCD display unit, which can be used standalone on the ground (no laptop required) or can be connected to your laptop with the included USB cable, for full screen real-time data viewing and charting. Even if the transmission stops for some reason when the rocket lands, the last known position is displayed on Seagull Dashboard for easy location of the rocket (with a separate handheld GPS to guide you to the location).


Includes: Seagull Wireless Telemetry Transmitter (900 MHz, 200mW), Dashboard receiver, Flight Data Recorder, 10 Hz GPS Expander, SMA Dashboard Antenna Upgrade with Rubber Antenna, Pitot tube, battery cable, USB cable, software and instructions.


Google Earth™ interface unlocks the power of our system with Live and Recorded data support in Google Earth.

Optional Sensors

Several sensor options are available for the Rocketry package, such as dual Axis G- Force, Temperature sensors, and much more. Please see the Accessories section of our site for more information.



Powering the Onboard System

The onboard system requires between 4.5V and 6v power. It uses less than 100mA, so it should run for many hours on 4 AAA batteries. Or, tiny NiMH “4 or 5 cell” rechargeable packs, available at RadioShack or hobby shops, work well also.


Email us at for answers to any rocketry related questions!


Quote from one of our Rocketeers:

I have been flying rockets since I rediscovered them in 1996. At this point, I like to do more than just build a rocket to go up and parachute down, which was just fine when I was a kid. The Eagle Tree system has allowed me to include collection of flight data to help fine tune flight prediction software and to point the direction to more efficient rocket designs. The Eagle Tree system is robust enough for large high powered rockets like we fly out of Blackrock Nevada, and small enough to fly in hobby shop type rockets that can be flown locally.”

Steve A, Tripoli Rocketry Association # 2454 Certification Level 2

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