USB Boat Data Recorder

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Waterspeed Pitot Tube:

We now also offer a waterspeed pitot tube option, which gives more accurate speed readings than the airspeed pitot tube,especially on windy or rough water days. For boats traveling at 50MPH or less, waterspeed can give more stable readings under rough conditions.

Waterspeed requires mounting the included brass tube under the boat. If you would like this $20.00 option, you can select it in the dropdown options. 

Here are some key features of the USB Boat Data Recorder

  • Standard system includes everything to record speed, RPM, temperature, 2 servo channel movements and glitches, and receiver voltage
  • All data is logged to permanent memory, which retains the data even when the power is removed
  • With available accessories, monitor amps, pack volts, g-force, EGT, and more!
  • USB Live Mode for real time bench monitoring
  • USB Plug and Play - No new drivers needed!
  • Fully Compatible with Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit), Vista, 98SE, ME, Win2K and XP™
  • Lightweight - approx 1.5 ounces with unit and cables
  • Full support for English and Metric units
  • Simple and quick installation and removal
  • Retains data without battery
  • Graphical playback in real time
  • Excel™ compatible data output
  • Ultra-low power consumption - around 35 mA
  • Built-in status LED indicates battery level on power-up
  • Adjustable capture rate
  • Powerful built-in graphing
  • Expansion port for future enhancements

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