RCA to Servo Connector Adapter Cable for OSD Expander

Availability:In Stock Product Code: CAB-RCA-SRV

Most FPV systems are compatible with our OSD Pro System and are capable of providing you with real time data simultaneously with your video feed.  The only requirement for our gear is that there needs to be a cable running between your video camera and video transmitter to run through the OSD Pro Expander, which is how the expander gets the data overlaid onto the video feed.  The OSD Pro Expander uses servo connectors, so if your cable uses RCA plugs to connect the video camera and video transmitter our helpful RCA to Servo Connector Adaptor cables (product code CAB-RCA-SRV) can help you do that.

Also can be used for audio if your video transmitter's audio uses RCA plugs.

Note: Most people will require two - one for line in and one for line out of the OSD Pro Expander

*For use with our OSD Pro Expander

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