Keith, Tennessee
  • "I've been using the eLogger, sensors and PowerPanel display for a couple months now- GREAT PRODUCT!! It has already paid for itself two times over detecting over-amp situations! "

Walter D.,
  • "Thanks for your amazing Glide version. With the Glide, I caught 3 major thermals, and had many, many more indications of lift areas. I would not have located many of these without the Glide. "

Michael M.,
  • "Just wanted to drop you a line and comment about how happy I am with my V3 eLoggers…. The system works perfectly! "

Jeff Troy, Hobby Merchandiser
  • "Eagle Tree Systems' Flight Data Recorder is an amazing device...the guys in the club will eat this one alive. "

Derek Buono, Xtreme RC Cars
  • "Any way you look at it, the CDR is something that I have been hoping for. If you are an information junkie like me, you'll be ordering yours today. (Product rating: 10 out of 10)"