Having Problems?


We're here to help with your technical issues! We strive to provide unmatched customer support.

We recommend you try one of the following to resolve your issue:

- Install our latest software from our website, by clicking here. Quite often, the problem you have encountered has already been fixed with a software update.

- Visit one of the Eagle Tree support forums linked to below:

Eagle Tree support forum on This forum is for both general RC and FPV.

Eagle Tree support forum on This forum is dedicated to FPV.

Chances are someone has posted a solution to your problem already. If not, posting your problem there will get a very quick response from the Eagle Tree community.

  • Open a support ticket by clicking here! We will respond to your support ticket as soon as we can, typically within a few hours. When you create a support ticket, you will be emailed a link that will let you check the status of the ticket. Check your spam folder if you do not receive our email.
    • Note that you may receive an answer to your question more quickly from our forum above, since many other Eagle Tree customers also monitor the forum.
  • Call our technical support line and leave us a message! Our technicians will contact you by the next business day.


  • Note that opening a support ticket is often a much faster way to get your question answered, however we strive to solve all problems as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Support Communication Policy

Eagle Tree is committed to assisting customers with the highest quality of service.

Any communication you receive from our technical support staff is only a supplement to instructions in the user manual. It is not practical for us to communicate all the information, warnings, etc. included in the manual, and we assume in our communication with you that you have read the manual. Always follow the instructions in the manual unless we tell you otherwise, in writing.