Service, RMA, and Repair

If your Eagle Tree equipment needs repair, please click here to open a support ticket, and Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Items returned without an RMA number will not be accepted!

We recommend that you ship us your item to be repaired via a trackable shipping method. We are not responsible for packages shipped to us that are not trackable.

For repairs covered under warranty, there is no charge for repair, and no charge for airmail return shipping. It is rare for a package we ship via airmail to be lost. However, note that airmail service is NOT tracked, and Eagle Tree is NOT responsible for loss of your package with this shipping method. Let us know if you want a repair shipping method other than airmail.

Our Repair Department experiences seasonal workload variations, so repair times may vary. But, we strive to have repairs completed and shipped within one week of receipt. Please email us if you have questions about the status of your repair.

We will contact you with the cost of repairs not covered under warranty, before the repair is done. Repairs not covered under warranty will be charged a flat repair rate, as listed below:

Product Name
Repair Price (USD)
Vector FPV Controller (VEC-CONTROLLER) $75.00
Vector GPS+Mag (VEC-GPS-MAG) $50.00
eLogger (all Types) $30.00
Data Recorder (Flight, Car, Boat, Pro, Glide) $50.00
Seagull Transmitter (all types) $50.00
Seagull Dashboard (all types) $50.00
G-Force, EGT, or dual A/D expander $25.00
GPS Expander $50.00
Airspeed, Altitude, Servo Current MicroSensor $15.00
Standard OSD $20.00
OSD Pro $40.00
EagleEyes $40.00
Guardian Expander or Guardian 2D/3D Stabilizer $40.00
PowerPanel LCD Display $15.00
MicroVector Controller $60.00


NOTE: For telemetry systems, we will often ask you to send your complete system back, so that we can diagnose the problem. Of course, we will charge only for the faulty component, and not the parts that are OK.

Please click here to pay for your RMA order as specified by your Eagle Tree support ticket.